June 2, 2007

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I am really gratified by the reception of my new e-book, An Introduction to Communication With Animals and Nature – A Journey Toward Wholeness www.LearnAnimalCommunication.com This is really fun!

It’s so fun that I’m starting another. I thought initially it would be about healing but what is actually coming together seems to be going in a slightly different direction. My working title is The Oneness Thing – What I Have Learned From the Animals. At the end of the day though, everything to do with oneness IS healing so I won’t sweat the semantics here.

I think all of us who care deeply for animals have some stories about what they have taught us. One that I have up on my site is Best Friend Best Teacher

and says quite a lot about what my dog Alfie has taught me but before that, before I had even heard of animal communication or pet psychics, there was plenty of teaching going on.

Awhile back I wrote this on my blog;

*A Few Thoughts About God

It has always bewildered me that even though it is always said that God is omnipresent, we can still insist that “He” is elsewhere. How can omnipresence exclude you and me? *****

We are God so how can we be better than a rock? Since we are one, you, me, the rock, of course none is better than the other. We are unique expressions though. The rocks around here (Grand Canyon Country) are pretty damned blatant with how spectacular they are. We can learn something from these rocks. Nurse at the great mothers breast isn’t just a metaphor. *****

We ARE one and we love each other deeply and unconditionally. We ARE the body of what we in the west generally refer to as God. Dogs understand this. It is why we love dogs. *****

A friend of mine commented, “Once when I was wandering in the Pennsylvania woods with a friend who was very good at wandering in woods and noticing things, we encountered a bird quite close by, and as I watched the bird and somehow found myself in his being, I suddenly realized that there is bird-shaped being and there is people shaped being and tree shaped being and rock shaped being, and we’re all the same Being…I know what you are talking about here. I felt so much the same as the bird…it changed forever how I saw the world.”

I thought that was interesting because it is so close to an experience I had after my dog Giggs died. I was working security, the graveyard shift at a marina, and spent 8 hours a night walking the docks. Yes, I’ve had my share of dumb jobs to make ends meet. Anyway, the night Giggs died I was of course devastated but as I walked the docks it just became perfectly clear to me, alone out there with the watter everywhere and the birds and otters and seals, that Giggs was EVERYWHERE, part of all the animals and birds and rocks and water AND ME. That sense of Giggs everywhere stayed with me for weeks. It took me from “We Are One” the bumper sticker to We ARE One!

Do you have any experiences with animals that have brought you to that unmistakable sense of oneness? Please email (you can just hit reply here) your story if you would like to share it. I would love to include your stories in my new book.

Don’t forget to check out An Introduction to Communication With Animals and Nature – A Journey Toward Wholeness www.LearnAnimalCommunication.com

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Born at last! Whew!

Buy it herehttp://www.learnanimalcommunication.com

I’m so happy. Gosh…

I will believe it when i see it but soon it will be up and ready for downloading. Hurry along to get that pig in a poke price — it won’t be there long. http://learnanimalcommunication.com/

I certainly hope the next project (a healing e-book) goes smoother. I did get slowed down enough to get it better than it was originally conceived though. Plenty of time to think of what to add and how to get it out there in the world.

*The Pokey Little Pig

May 22, 2007

So now the person who was going to compile the e-book for me can’t. Oldoldoldold story. “I recently changed to a Mac…” blablablabla. Why can’t we just decide on a platform and get the work done? Jeeze. Guess I’m in for another learning curve BUT IT WILL BE OUT SOON!!!

I honestly can’t wait until we humans get over using words and just go telepathic. That’s a platform I can get behind. It’s like living in the stone age here.

My new Animal Communication E-book

    An Introduction to Animal and
    Nature Communication — A Journey Toward Wholeness

is just around the corner. Take a look at the new look of the website! I’m loving it.

Close — it’s getting close. I have a new domain for it and everything. Got some ad copy up today. My son promises he’s going to make this all look good too! You are getting in on the birth. Please visit. http://www.learnanimalcommunication.com

The RAM chip in my computer is heating up and slowing my work to a crawl. I no longer have to set aside time to meditate, I simply use the time it takes pages to download and copies to paste and sometimes just to see the typing I am doing appear on the page. Finally though, there is work to be done. I ordered a new chip but it won’t work because my computer runs on a slower MHz than the new chips. So I have to find an older chip andandandand…… In the meantime it may be a good thing to have the time to rethink the project. It started out as simply compiling the materials I have always used in the online course into an e-book. It was scheduled to be out 2 days ago. Simple. With the slow down though I have had time to consider whole different ways to go about presenting it. Now it seems that I can make it better/newer/fresher than that. So hey… I have eternity. No rush eh? Maybe next Friday.